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    MS Visual Studio 6.0

    at school we`re going to use MS Visual c++ version6.0.
    I`m having a hard time with it, maybe I`m doing something wrong.
    The first thing I found, or better didn`t find was the help section.
    I now have MSDN installed but still don`t get much help of it.
    For example I use F1 on <printf> and I get a message that printf is not contained within the sub selection and I`m advised to change selections, but to where?

    An other thing is that the Visual C++ compiler doesn`t seem to accept *.cpp files.
    It uses *.dsw.
    Can I use my old .cpp files?

    It appears that some syntax I`m used to doesnt seem to work.
    For example clrscr().
    I cant even clear the screen.
    Or switch-brake ,
    Is there any paper that says what does and doesnt`work?

    I liked c builder, is the API syntax
    like the Edit1->text[1].... the same?

    Then I have a unique problem.
    I got myself a new computer.
    I`m using the Borland BC5 compiler.
    Now with the Win 2000 on <file-open> , a little window opens like it`s supposed to, but only this little window where one selects what to open, is a very old style, which makes selection difficult.
    I wonder if I could get this window replaced by a newer one.
    Interresting to notice, that the window that comes on the command >save< ist the one that IŽd like to have pop up on the >open< command.
    Everytime I`m saving a file, I have to OK a button where it says "open".
    It works though.
    Any ideas on how to locate those >file open< or >file save< forms?

    Any help being appreciated,

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    dsw = workspace
    dsp = project (kinda like a mak)
    cpp and .h files get to live in a dsp file. dsp projects contain build settings etc.

    I'm not touching the clrscr(). I think there's a faq for that.
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    clrscr() and many other functions in <conio.h> have seemed to have died..such as textcolor(int newcolor), textbackground(int newcolor), gotoxy(x, y), and a few more dont exist in MS VC++ 6.0
    I was sorda offended when I discovered this but, I learned to adjust.

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