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    Red face ActiveX!!!!!!

    Can any of you guys tell me how i can add an ActiveX control to a window i have created using CreateWindow? i need to add a few ActiveX controls written in VB and/or C to my app.
    do vb activex ctls work in c++?

    many thanks


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    i don't know but try

    lots of good info... they should have something.
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    ActiveX is based on COM, therefore it must implement IUknown and almost always IDispatch which makes the object or control available to scripting languages. All you should have to do is a CoCreatInstance on the CLSID of the CoClass and IID of the interface you want, then use the methods from the interface pointer that is returned. CoCreateInstance takes more parameters than I've discussed but its a good place for you to start.

    The world of ActiveX is very large if you're really serious I suggest ActiveX Controls Inside Out by Adam Demming.

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