Thread: Windows shell programming?

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    Windows shell programming?

    I downloaded netcat. And I tried it out by making it execute cmd.exe when somebody connects to it. But I want to make my own shell. How would I do this? This is on windows.

    Is there anywhere that has the source to cmd.exe so I can look at it?

    Any help?


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    >>This is on windows

    Then doesn't it belong on the windows board?

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    I thought shells were programming using Perl?
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    Originally posted by ZakkWylde969
    I thought shells were programming using Perl?
    shells are the interface between the user and the kernel. For instance bash, tcsh, or the windows command prompt.

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    I am 90% sure that the source code to cmd.exe is in the hands of Microsoft and it is purely confidential.

    I am not fully aware of the ability to use shells on Windows in the first place, the most you can do I believe is open up a lot of windows running cmd.exe. But this isn't even a true shell because it is a child process of the GUI since win98.

    Correct me if I am wrong please, all the info presented are either assumptions from experience or read off other forums.

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