Thread: What's with all the capitals!

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    What's with all the capitals!


    I just started windows programming with Tricks, and i find the need to hold shift for typing all the capital words. Does anybody else find this annoying? And does anyone actually have caps lock on and use shift to type lower cases?


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    Nobody forced you to program. If you don't like it, go do something else. But if you must ask, I turn caps-lock on to type all-caps words that are maybe 6-7 characters or more in length. You get used to it.
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    i hate it because i cant hold the right shift key down, i can type 70wpm but i just cant use my right pinky to hit that key when i want to type cap letters for the left side of the keyboard, lol. Thats the only annoying time. I always hold shift with my left hand. ;(
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    There are more lower case letters used then upper case. I tend to use the shift lock if I have to enter several, but mostly just the shift key.

    >>> You get used to it.

    Exactly, I can't say that I ever think about it.
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    Be aware that it's only a programming convention.

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