Thread: Is this code correct?

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    Is this code correct?


    I'm wanting to get a handle to a bitmap (not in a resource!) and I'm using:

    HBITMAP ButtonPic;


    Is this correct? Thanks!

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    Looks good to me. I think there might be an LR_FILENAME thing in there somewhere, too. But I think that should work. Does it?
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    Well...that's the trouble . This is to put in with a custom button, which can have a resource of the bitmap or a handle to a file. Since I don't have a resource I'm doing it like this. But its not adding the bitmap to the button...

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    Check the return value from LoadImage(). If the call works, it returns a handle, if not NULL. If it is returning a handle, then the problem is somewhere else, if it is returning NULL, call GetLastError() to find out why.
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