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Thread: VC++ .net 2003.....

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    I use both, (Enterprise) but I don't have to pay for them.

    I like some of the new features in the .NET debugger, especially its better memory error detection and the way it fills in the function and structure variable names inc any comment attached to them. Browse works better as well.

    MSVC v5 had the best help...

    My version of BoundsChecker only works with v6 though and I have some problems with conflicts in a third party library in .NET

    .NET's menu resource editor gives me the #%$^!

    >>I'm curious what third party libraries you're referring to. I've never had this problem.

    Neither have I.

    I have in .NET with Smaller Animals ImageSource library (but an email to the supplier got a fix in a few hours!).
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    i am currently learning through a book which teach c++ as well as Visual C++ 6

    Would i have hard time if i use .Net 2k3 instead of 6??

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    .NET 2003 should be no problem to use; it's like VC6 except without the myriad of incompatibilities.

    Here's another thing that VC6 can't do:

    class A {
      virtual A* Function() {return this;}
    class B : public A {
      B* Function() {return this;}
    It's perfectly legal C++ to make this override from a function returning an A* to one returning a B* (a covariant return type). VC6 can't do it, though.
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