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    I note where your coming from bennyandthejets, but I think that your view is idealistic and a million miles from reality.

    It would be nice for all information to be free and accessable, but as long as there are people out there that would use that info to destroy and steal, then that info should not be given out freely...especially in a public forum like this. previously stated it's not as if that info isnt out there if you really want it....just have to get off your butt and find it

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    Originally posted by bennyandthejets
    Elixia, how is it possible to intercept all calls to EnumProcesses? At first guesses I could only think of doing some dodgy thing like using GetProcAddress() and planting my own function there.
    I can't describe the method for obvious reasons, but the above will not work as GetProcAddress will only return a pointer to the function in your own process space, so you'll only be modifying the call for yourself. Other processes will run the unmodified code as they'll be in a different process context.

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    Elixia, what are those obvious reasons?

    And what about a DLL hook, so that the code is in every process's space, used with GetProcAddress()?
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