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    I'm going to be writing a console game in which I need to print out chars very quickly. The funtion I destined for this task is WriteConsole(), because I found it to be the fastest. My question is- there is one parameter in that function that points to a value and writes in how many chars were written. I have no use for this feature. Is it wrong to have it point to a useless, global vaiable every time? Passing NULL causes an error.

    BOOL WriteConsole(
      HANDLE hConsoleOutput,
      const VOID* lpBuffer,
      DWORD nNumberOfCharsToWrite,
      LPDWORD lpNumberOfCharsWritten,
      LPVOID lpReserved
    [out] Pointer to a variable that receives the number of TCHARs actually written.
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    Re: WriteConsole

    I always have it pointing to a dummy variable....cant hurt if you dont care about the success of the function call

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    If you want to output a number of the same character, use FillConsoleOutputCharacter(), look it up, or it is covered in part 2 of my tutorial here.
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