Thread: threads, what are they?

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    Question threads, what are they?

    What are threads used for? Are they .dll files?
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    3,685 That is completely wrong. A thread is an abstract idea. A thread is share of CPU time. For example. Lets say the window in the foreground is thread0 and the first window behind it is thread1. Both thread0 and thread1 are given a certain amount of time to do their thing so as to create the illusion of simultaneous operation.

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    No man....thread has nothing related with .dlls.

    Threads means different paths of execution managed by operating system. For example under Windows you can open one PaintBrush and one MSWord application simulteniously as well as you can browse at the same time through Internet explorer. While working under DOS you can do only one task at a time. That is the power of multithreading.
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    >>> What are threads used for?

    Did you have a specific problem?
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    The Win32 scheduler assigns each program a tiny slice (usually a few milliseconds) of processor time. Busier programs, of course, are expected to use more processor time. The schedular does this so quickly that the illusion of concurrently running programs is possible on a single processor. However, Windows NT can easily adapt this model to multiprocessor machines as well.

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