Thread: .lib files - What is the use??

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    I already added .lib file into the project. And the program accepts this file. I know this for sure beacuse if I rename the file into something that does not exists, than the linker says that this file cannot be found. So .lib file is in, but the linker still says for external error, cannot find Print function.

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    hmmm..when you said
    This is the error message:
    "Button error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _Print referenced in function _main"
    ,does this apply to all functions, ie, you can't use a single function
    from you lib ?

    like I said it's really hard to solve this without seeing the code.
    I suggest you take a look at your build-log and assure yourself
    that your app actually links with the correct .lib file
    (but maybe you've already done this ?).

    ...viewlexx - julie lexx

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