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    OK, Im building a database app. I can get the tables to appear in my CDatabase listcontrol. But Im have trouble with my add- a -record function. Heres some code;

    Basically its telling me that RecordsetSec1 is undefined. But this is my recordset class derived from CRecordset. Am I missing adding a header file some where ?
    void CAddDialog1::OnButtClear()
    //Clear the fields here
    m_Edit_Cost = _T("");
    m_Edit_Count = _T("");
    m_Edit_Desc = _T("");
    m_Edit_ExtendedCost = _T("");
    m_Edit_ID = _T("");
    m_Edit_Name = _T("");


    void CAddDialog1::OnButtSaveContinue()
    CDatabase database;
    CString SqlString;
    CString s1_ID, s1_Name, s1_Desc, s1_Count, s1_Cost, s1_ExtendedCost;
    CString sDriver = "MICROSOFT ACCESS DRIVER (*.mdb)";
    CString sDsn;
    CString sFile = "Inventory.mdb";
    //int iRec = 0;

    //build the ODBC connection string
    sDsn.Format("ODBC;DRIVER={%s};DSN='';DBQ=%s",sDriv er,sFile);

    //open the database

    //excecute the query
    //create the recordset
    RecsetSec1 rs;
    rs.m_s1_ID == m_Edit_ID;
    rs.m_s1_Name == m_Edit_Name;
    rs.m_s1_Desc == m_Edit_Desc;
    rs.m_s1_Count == m_Edit_Count;
    rs.m_s1_Cost == m_Edit_Cost;
    rs.m_s1_ExtendCost == m_Edit_ExtendedCost;


    //close the database
    CATCH(CDBException, e)
    //error message
    AfxMessageBox("Database error: "+e->m_strError);

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    For starters, let the recordset know on which database it has to operate:

    RecsetSec1 rs(database);

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