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    Yeah, nice one! Works a treat! It'll do until I download the SDK..

    I'll probably have broadband by the end of the year, telstra (telecom) is lagging in my area but they just announced they are going to provide broadband to more rural areas, which is where I am.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Is there a way to detect when new processes start? I wish to wait until a program is started before I check to see if it is to be closed and then wait again for the next program to start.

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    By chance I made a utility that does what you want a couple of weeks ago.

    It does the following:
    Sends a close message to all windows associated with the process.
    Waits for the process to finish for timeout milliseconds.
    Terminates the process forcefully if it has not finished.
    Refreshes the system tray to get rid of its icons.

    Attached is exe and source code(in C).

    USAGE KillProcess module.exe timeout(in milliseconds)
    eg. KillProcess aol.exe 2000

    Acknowledgement: Some of the code is from the KillProc example by John Findlay available at:

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