Thread: Windows Programming??

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    Windows Programming??

    I am still a beginner at c++, but I would like to know the advantage of Windows programming. I am a bit tired of all those dos applications and, since most programs use windows, would like to know if I should start programming windows, or first practise a bit more on dos applications.(they seem to be much easier)

    Someone please give me some advice. Thx in advance

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    Naturally I didn't feel inspired enough to read all the links for you, since I already slaved away for long hours under a blistering sun pressing the search button after typing four whole words! - Quzah

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    You could always try a search and read one of the many discussions on this??

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    It depends. Are you competent with the language?

    Writing code for a console may be a little dull, but a console is a lot more forgiving when it comes to bad code. You can easily add a cout or printf to see where you are going wrong. A typical console app need only be a few lines long.

    A Windows GUI app will always be a much bigger program, typically 100's of lines to do just the simplest things, and it generally fails by simply not working. You have to be a bit more sophisticated with your debugging.

    The reason people learn languages in console app's is stated above.

    Here is a "Hello World" console app...
    #include <iostream>;
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        cout << "Hello World" << endl;
        return 0;
    ... attached is a Win32 GUI Hello World, your call.
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    Well,if u are well versed with c++ capabilities and its language features,then u can step into Windows programming.U always need to know how to create console programs before learning Win programming.They certainly don't look RAD or reduce the predicament of the user,but they help u in understanding the power of the language.
    But when u do enter Windows programming,be sure u are a part of the .net bandwagon.
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    If you want C++ without all the complexities of Windows, then try something like Borland C++ Builder. This will let you create Windows programs almost as fast as console ones. Once you get more experienced, you can ask the compiler to do less and less work for you, but most people find it works just fine as it is and they don't need to be involved that much with Windows anyway.

    Only bad thing about it is that Builder is not free. Still, the standard version is still cheaper than MS Visual C++.

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    Thx alot for the good advice!!
    The link Xsquared posted is great, I will make good use of it thx!

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