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    creating resources

    I know resource scripts(.rc) can be written by hand, but what are some good tools to do this visually? I have tried wEditres, but it can't create icons or cursor. Is there a free all in one solution?
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    There is one that I recall reading about that was used with some borland IDE (sorry about not having a link, I just can't find it). But here is a link to a free trial for some different one:

    MSVC++ comes with one (msvc++ isn't free though) is almost as good as it gets. Actually that is one of the few things I ever use VC++ for.

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    You should also maybe trawl through to see if there is one there you like. Often, there are all the various parts you need, (i.e. a good icon editor), but not the whole shebang in one. I use VC++.
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