Thread: Hai Everybody !VC dll in VB ?

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    Unhappy Hai Everybody !VC dll in VB ?

    How to use a regular dll create using MFC Dll wizard in a vb application.

    I 've created a small dll by name sum(int,int) which returns an integer .

    I want to use this function in VB application.

    I will be glad if any body can help,

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    Well, this is the way I did it:

    1. Make sure you use WINAPI as the calling convention for the functions you want to export (i.e. make available from VB), like this:
    double WINAPI myFunc(double myVar)
    2. Add a def file to your project - it's just a text file like this:
    Make sure there's an entry for each function you want to export.
    3. In VBA (probably the same in VB) put something like this in the declarations area:
    Declare Function myFunc Lib "myDLL" (ByVal myVar As Double) As Double
    Make sure your DLL is in your system directory.

    I think that on 32-bit versions of Windows ints are 2 bytes in VB but 4 bytes in C, so you'll have to use short in your C code instead of int. Is there a 'cleaner' way of doing this? I don't know, I'm new to this.

    Hope that helps.


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    Use the long type in VB.

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