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    Question practice exercises???

    Hi all, I've recently made a transition to WIN32 API, that is I started studying Charles Petzold's "Programming Windows", so far I must say it's a great book, considering that I have studied many different ones on just C++ and I can't say the same about all those authors.

    For those of you that have used Petzold's book, I have finished the third chapter and started reading the fourth one. With that in mind I made sure I clearly comprehend all the info so far and also wrote the simple (given sample) "hello windows" program (application).

    I'm trying to find some source of exercises (practice problems) to do, in order to get more efficient as I go through the book, unfortunately Petzold doesn't provide any exercises in his "great" book.

    My question is: perhaps for those of you who had a similar probelm, do you know of any place or even a way of practicing the (newly) studied/read information, besides merely retyping the sample code that Petzold utilizes in his book????? Of course, keep in mind that a my skill level in WIN32 API isn't adequate enough for starting my own "little" projects.

    Thanks in advance for any info


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    I suggest just doing very small apps that you may like. Write your own windows skeletan that simply displays an empty window. Then use that for all of your exercises.

    If you just read a section on buttons, then add a few buttons to it. Just let the chapters build on top of the others if they can. This is only my opinion. Have fun with whatever you choose.

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    Thanx for the reply..........that's exactly what I intend to do

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