Thread: create C dll for other programming languages

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    create C dll for other programming languages

    Hi, dear all:

    I am a new member of this forum. Glad to have so many friends here.

    I want to wirte a DLL using C++. It should be able to be called by other programming languages, such as JAVA and VB.

    I have a question here. When I build the project with the type of "Dynamic Link Library", there are two files named *.lib and *.DLL generated in the Debug subdirectory. This *.lib is the import library (*.lib) which provides the reference of the functions in the DLL and other information. However, Java cannot link *.lib. How can I correclty link Java program with the DLL?

    Any of your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: create C dll for other programming languages

    Look into JNI for Java to use dlls.

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    Re: Re: create C dll for other programming languages

    Originally posted by CompiledMonkey
    Look into JNI for Java to use dlls.
    Yes, I have referred to the JNI. It just describes how to call a DLL from java program, but dosen't mention the lib file. It seems the lib file is not needed. But without the lib file, how does the caller get the reference of the functions?

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    The lib file is not needed in JNI, you must report the available methods yourself.
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    Thread moved to the Windows forum.
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    The .dll file is the actual library that other applications/languages will use. Everything else in that directory is just a component of the project, and can be ignored by anything that wants to use the dll. It's the .dll file that you'll distribute when it's finished.


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    I have tested it and found only the dll file is needed. Thanks for your help.

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