Thread: Does anybody have faxdev.h

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    Does anybody have faxdev.h


    I don't wish to have to download the SDK just for this 5kb file. Could anyone be kind enough to post it here?

    Thanks a million!

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    Without the libraries, the headers are useless.

    All the headers do is tell what features are available in the libraries.

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    I only look/sound/smell like an idiot... :-)

    faxdev.h is a header used to create a fax service provider dll. As such there is no .lib file. All it contains is the prototypes of functions that the dll needs/can export and the associated data types/structures/constants etc.

    It could also have been a COM header. Again this would not require a .lib file.

    If anyone could provide this 5KB file I would be extremely grateful.

    Thanks again.

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