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    stupid cursor

    how can I destroy the stupid cursor which blink all the time i mean this one _

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    SetConsoleCursorInfo(), or did you mean something else? Where is this cursor? In a control on a GUI? I've guessed a console. Hell, it's hard enough anyway without vague questions that could mean almost anything.

    The cursor is not stupid, it is there to show the character insertion point, useful in the vast majority of circumstances. You want to take it away, that is your job - don't slag off something just because you don't know how to change it.
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    Mouse cursors aren't intended to blink. The system caret and the console cursor are, though. Call the SetCaretBlinkTime function to change the blink time of the system caret. Though there is no way to set the blink time of the console cursor, it is not necessary anyway. I see it as a way to assure the user that the program is doing something.

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