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    Scanning a directory

    just by looking at this code can anyone see why it crashes my program each time? it does what its suppose to then when i gets to the last file it crashes.
                  char *Buffer;
                  char *path = "C:\\windows";
                  char *type = "*.*";
                  struct ffblk ffblk;
                  int done;
                  done = findfirst(type,&ffblk,0);
                  while (!done)
                    char buff[1024];
                    sprintf(buff,"%s\r\n", ffblk.ff_name);
                    done = findnext(&ffblk);

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    All pointers to string literals should be const char *, but that can't be causing the crash...

    A crash cause could be that a filename just might be longer than 1021 characters - unlikely, but possible.
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