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    sending message to textbox

    is there a way to use Sendmessage to send text stored in a variable to a textbox? What type of msg do i use....I cant seem to find the list of possible messages that can be used with SendMessage( would be great if someone could tell me where I couldfind a complete list cus they seem to be all over the place..on msdn at least.

    or should I use SetWindowtext?

    thanx in advance,

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    Use the WM_SETTEXT message.
    If you use MSDN, scroll to the bottom of the WM_SETTEXT explaination, and press the link "Window messages"

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    OK thanx that works... how do I append whats already written in the textbox?..becasue I'm reading in from several files with a loop so everytime I send a message to the texbox I want it to add on to whats already there.


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    WM_GETTEXT or GetDlgItemText() or GetWindowText()

    then join the strings and set the text.

    WM_GETTEXTLENGTH or GetWindowTextLength() may help in ensuring there is enough space in your buffer (or allocating the required space)
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    and how do I make it so that my textbox developes a vertical scrollbar when the text hits the last line and continues down.

    thanx in advance,
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    Create the control with the WS_VSCROLL style set.
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    The project I'm working on uses a function that appends text to a text box. Might as well paste the code.

    // textbuff is a global var containing the entire text of an edit box
    // it should be declared like:
    // char textbuff[1024];
    // 1024 is how long you want to let the buffer get.
    // This example uses information to get the HWND from a dialog
    // I used resources, so IDE_TEXT_BUFFER is a #define for the
    // text box I made in the resource editor
    void AppendText(char *newtext)
    	strcat(textbuff, "\r\n");
    	strcat(textbuff, newtext);
    		hDlgChat, IDE_TEXT_BUFFER, EM_SETSEL, 0, -1);
    		hDlgChat, IDE_TEXT_BUFFER, EM_REPLACESEL, false, (LPARAM)textbuff);
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