Thread: MCI - multiple samples at once

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    MCI - multiple samples at once

    I think it is possible, but using MCI command strings, how can you play more than one sample at a time?
    I have searched for quite some time on MSDN and it goes no further than how to play a sample, and does not elaborate on multi samples or mixing samples.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
    - Tigs

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    There should be no problem in doing this. When you open an MCI resource, you should be given an id. You can then send commands to ids independently. I have used MCI with commands, rather than command strings, so don't know exactly how you would do with strings.

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    Command strings

    I kinda need to get it to work with command strings, the easiest way to explain it is that the user types in their own command string which is passed to MCI.
    I get MMSYSTEM device in use errors if I try to play more than one sound at once using command strings.
    - Tigs

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