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    search for file function

    i have the code that will search for a file, but i don't want it to search in only 1 directory, i want it to search through the entire computer.

    anyone have any code?

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    Log C: and every time the FindFirst/Next returns a directory, so search that, you could write a recursive searcher to do so, i.e. search C: if the first it finds is a directory called Alpha, so search c:\Alpha and so on.

    If you don't know how to detect if a file is a directory or not, part 3 of my searching tutorial covers it.
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    okay thanks. heres what i have so far

    WIN32_FIND_DATA FileData; 
    	HANDLE hSearch; 
    	DWORD dwAttrs; 
    	char szDirPath[] = "c:\\TEXTRO\\"; 
    	char szNewPath[MAX_PATH]; 
    	char szHome[MAX_PATH]; 
    	BOOL fFinished = FALSE; 
    	hSearch = FindFirstFile("C:\\*.*", &FileData); 
    	if (hSearch == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) 
    		cout<<"no files found";
    	while (!fFinished) 
    		cout<< FileData.cFileName<<endl;
    		if (!FindNextFile(hSearch, &FileData)) 
    			if (GetLastError() == ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES) 
    				cout<<"no more files\n";
    				fFinished = TRUE; 
    				cout<<"couldnt find next file";

    what i really want is something like the dos "tree" command

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