Thread: Enumerate ALL CD-drives

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    Enumerate ALL CD-drives

    I'd like to enumerate all cd drives that are present on a computer, with letters and descriptions, and including ALL kind of drive type, in example :
    E - TEAC CR-D/RW 10/12/32 rev 10.B
    G - IBM DVD-ROM 1220 a

    How can I do that ??
    Thanks in advance !

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    GetLogicalDriveStrings to find all drives

    GetDriveType to see if it's a CD Rom

    GetVolumeInformation will give some info on the drive details....

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    I'm feeling generous! Have some code:-
    // cDriveLetter is a global - "char cDriveLetter;"
    int GetCDDrive(void)
    	DWORD dwDrives;
    	int i;
    	char szDrive[4];
    	dwDrives = GetLogicalDrives();
    	for (i=0;i<32;i++)
    		if (dwDrives & 1)
    			wsprintf(szDrive, "%c:\\", 65 + i);
    			if (GetDriveType(szDrive) == DRIVE_CDROM)
    				cDriveLetter = 65 + i;
    				return TRUE;
    		dwDrives >>= 1;
    	return FALSE;
    That'll get you the first CD-ROM drive in a system. All you need to do is extend it slightly by including GetVolumeInformation and enumerating through all drives and you're done. Have fun!

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    Well, what can I say ? Thankx to you all for these great information ! It sure will help me a lot !

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