Hey, thanks for reading. I hope you can help. I am taking a break from my 3D DirectX game, and I am programming a basic Java IDE. I would like to know how I would use the String Table to support multiple file extensions. For example, I used the MFC AppWizard (Exe) and it supports .java files right now. How can I modify the string table to support multiple file types. Here is the string right now:

\nJDev\nJavaDev\nJavaDev Files (*.java)\n.java\nJavaDev.Document\nJavaDev Document

And it is declared as IDR_JDEVTYPE. What would I add to the end of that string to make it support .txt files, too? I tried things such as this:

\nJDev\nJavaDev\nJavaDev Files (*.java)\n.java\nJavaDev.Document\nJavaDev Document|\nJDev\nJavaDev\nText Files (*.txt)\n.java\nJavaDev.Document\nJavaDev Document

But that doesn't work. Thanks in advance!