Thread: Making DLLs, will only make .LIB

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    Making DLLs, will only make .LIB

    Ok, Here is my problem, i am trying to program up some dlls, using MSVC++ 5.0, I set it all up, with exporting functions, etc., and when it compiles, it doesnt give any errors or warnings, yet when i check in the folder i compiled it to, there is only a .LIB file, no .DLL, have any idea what is it? Is there some setting i have to specifically set to make .DLLs?

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    When you make a DLL it should produce a .lib and a .dll.

    Are you looking in the 'debug' or 'release' folder off the working folder?

    Did you choose a WIN32 DLL when creating the project?
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    I am looking in the Debug and release folder, and i selected win32 DLL project from the new project window.

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    Can you see any dll's on your system, on some pc's dll's are hidden

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    Bingo! thanks guys, that was pretty stupid of me.

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