Thread: Win32 DLL in Visual

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    Win32 DLL in Visual

    I have experience in console-based C but none in interfacing with Windows. I need to write a Win32 DLL that can be called from VBA, and the compiler I have available is Visual Studio .net. The platform is Windows 2000.

    I know how to write the C code and know how to call DLLs from VBA, but I don't know how to turn my code into a DLL.

    I have found many tutorials that explain how to write DLLs in C++ (which I don't know) or in C for previous versions of Vis Studio (which I don't have).

    Could anyone recommend any resources (books or web sites) that would ease my transition from console-based C to windows-based C using

    Any pointers (null or otherwise!) would be greatly appreciated.

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    One solution is COM.


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