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    Displaying a transparent gif


    Can anyone tell me how to display a transparent gif on a dialog, in MS Visual C++ 6? The standard picture control only likes bitmaps, and the Microsoft Forms 2.0 Image control won't display the gif transparently. What's strange is that when using the Forms 2.0 Image control, the gif looks perfect in the resource editor (complete with transparency) but is not transparent when the program is actually run. Any ideas?



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    You might try OleLoadPicture or OleLoadPictureFile - search this board for examples/discussions but I doubt it will do what you require but it's relatively quick and easy to use.

    Other than that you might find this example from of some interest:

    A search on google may turn up some useful image processing libs for you to use. You could always abandon the use of gifs and use pngs instead, then use the free zlib/libpng:

    edit: This looks like a more in depth discussion and includes use of gdiplus:
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    Thanks for the reply Ken. But I'd already given up on displaying transparent gifs. I'd already seen the article at, and couldn't get their code working properly. And using an external lib or pngs unfortunately wasn't an option for me.

    Oh well, thanks anyway.

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