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    Cool need a point in the right direction

    hey i am a computer science major and just finished all of my core classes so i am ok at programming, but everything we did was unix based, i was wondering if anyone could piont me in the right direction to find out about programming for windows(windows system calls , librarays ect)

    also i was hoping someone could tell me where to find info on programming with some sort of nice interface(all my programs so far have been command line based, i want to be able to add butons and things to my program as appose to just command line

    any help would be appreciated

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    Probably the best book on programming the Win32 API is Petzolds "Programming Windows" fifth edition. There are others, Herbert Schildts written a few which I think are okay, and searching Amazon you'll find hundreds.

    The attached program is just about the simplest possible Windows program. Compile it, have a play with it, look up the functions in the help. Once you have the concepts, it is quite easy to produce GUI app's, however, the API is HUGE so you won't run out of things to try quickly!

    For a decent online tutorial, look at The Forgers tutorial at
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    In addition, I'd definitely recommend MSDN as an online reference.

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