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    WM_SETFONT, Static Control

    As I learned at the ,MSDN library' one can send a WM_SETFONT message to a Static control. My problem: There are dozens of pages dealing with fonts there, and I don't intend to create a font. I would like to have some influence on the Size of the default Arial font. Isn't there something like

    SendMessage(hstatic1,WM_SETTEXTSIZE,(WPARAM) 12,
    (LPARAM) "Bold");

    >> ?

    Could you give me something like the shortest working version of a manipulation of a text's size inside a Static control (that is already filled with text by CreateWindowEx(0,"Static","This text
    is displayed in a default size", ...)?

    It is funny that changing images displayed in Static controls is easier than changing a text's size in Text-Static-Controls.

    Something different:
    I make good progress in programming a card game ,Poker', and I thought I could need the bitmap resources in a different project some day. Therefore I tried to create a WIN32 library containing only the bitmap resources. But MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDB_BITMAP1) does not work anylonger, though I include the same header "resource.h" and add the library to my project. Wasn't it fine if one could build such libraries?

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    Why don't you want to create the font? It is very easy, almost all of the parameters to CreateFont() simply use the default, you can certainly change the point size and set the style to bold.

    HFONT hFont;
    hFont = CreateFont(12,
                       DEFAULT_PITCH, | FF_DONTCARE,
    Presto, 12pt Bold Arial, and a handle all ready to use with WM_SETFONT.
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    thx adrianx(?)

    This really helped me out of my misery.

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    remember it is your responsibility to DeleteObject() the font after your app has finished with it (ie on close, when new one is created)
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