Thread: Killing a thread which is waiting

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    Killing a thread which is waiting

    I'm creating a thread like this:
    m_pCListenThreadList[0] = new CListenThread();
    m_pCListenThreadList[0]->CreateThread(CREATE_SUSPENDED, 0);
    m_pCListenThreadList[0]->SetParent(this, &m_SerialListenControl, &m_SerialListen, "COM1");

    Within this thread I'm using WaitCommEvent(m_tComm, &dwEvtMask, &overlapped); to listen to the serial port.

    This is how I end the thread:
    delete m_pCListenThreadList[0] ;

    But the thread wont terminate unless something is coming to the serial port. It waits at WaitCommEvent. If something comes it terminates but I want to kill it even if nothing has come.

    How do you do this?


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    I found this on a FAQ page which you could try.

    How do I get WaitCommEvent to return when my program quits?

    If you call WaitCommEvent from a secondary thread, then when you want to quit, call SetCommMask(handle, 0). This sets the event parameter to 0, and cancels the waiting function.

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