Thread: Accesing data from App in Doc

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    Accesing data from App in Doc

    Hi all,
    A bit of advice using MFC needed really. I want to be able to set a variable m_PopSize (which is declared in "App.h") to generate an array (LineArray) of objects in "Doc.cpp" whoose size depends on the value stored in m_PopSize. e.g. is PopSize is 100 then:
    I seem to have to do it this way because if i put
    LineArray[m_PopSize] it says it expects a constant even if i declare m_PopSize as a const int.

    Any way, on OnNewDocument() I want to create this array. So I have put in the following bit of code.
    BOOL CWinLinesDoc::OnNewDocument()
    	if (!CDocument::OnNewDocument())
    		return FALSE;
    	// TODO: add reinitialization code here
    	poly4toline4(); //set up the map for vector usage
    	srand( (unsigned)time( NULL ) ); //get time for random numbers
    	HasGenerateDone = 0;//generate button has not been pressed yet
    	BestSearch = 0;
    	if(CWinLinesApp.m_PopSize == 100)
    		CLine LineArray[100];
    	// (SDI documents will reuse this document)
    	return TRUE;
    Note this was just a test, normally I would include if(m_PopSize == ) for all the other possibilities. However when I try and run this it says:
    \WinLinesDoc.cpp(54) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before '.'
    if I omitt the CWinLinesApp bit it says that m_PopSize is not defined. Is there any way to get around this, or even better a way I can initialise an object array without needing a const variable.
    Many thanks for your time.

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    You could try AfxGetApp()
    if(  ((CWinLinesApp*)AfxGetApp())->m_PopSize == 100  )
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    Thanks, i'll give it a go.
    Much appreciated

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