Hi all,
I'm using MFC for the first time to design a genetic algorithm. When I generate a new generation stored in an array "NextGen"
I want to have a new window pop up where the user can select to view this information. The problem is that each window will have a different array associated with it. In order to try and explain better look at this flow chart scheme.

Initial window--> Parental Generation.
Creates Gen1.
opens new window

Window 1 --> Gen1 is now parental generation
Creates Gen2.
opens new window

Window 2 --> Gen2 is now parental generation
Creates Gen3
opens new window.

I think you could just open multiple views of the same document but then I would have to keep tabs of which was the parental generation for each window. I think it might be easier if each window is a new document with its initial parental generation set by the window before it. However as i said this is my first MFC program and am a bit lost any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks