Thread: I can't set my main frame window to RTL

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    Angry I can't set my main frame window to RTL

    Hi there
    Actually I'm developing an application and I want to set it layout to RTL,because I want its language Farsi,and I use VC++6.0,Visual Studio 2000,and my Windows at home is Windows 2000 professional,and in office Windows XP professional.When I use the function SetProcessDefaultLayout
    in my InitInstance function of my SDI application implementation file,I
    receive the error "undeclared function...." while compiling although I'v included Windows.h,So I decided to load user32.dll and call this function using it,but i have compiler error "unsigned int (__stdcall *)(unsigned long,unsigned int)' : too few actual parameters",and I've confused now,and can't trace more time(,so please,if you help me and let me know your experiences about this topic,it will be appreciated and I'll thank you much.
    Best Regards
    Reza AsAdi

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    Just to be sure.......

    you have linked to the library

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    I know for SetLayout , you need gdi32.lib to be utilized.
    I am pretty sure that SetProcessDefaultLayout requires
    user32.lib (check MSDN).


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