Thread: Assigning Variable to arry

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    Assigning Variable to arry


    I cant get VC++ to assign a value to an array, I have an array declared something like this:

    typedef struct
    TCHAR Name[10];
    TCHAR Species[10];
    } VCValues;

    VCValues VCList

    Or something, syntax is probably wrong

    I try to assign a value like so:

    VCList[1].Name = "ABCDEFGHIJ";

    What am I doing wrong?

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    VCValues foo= {"ABC", "DEF"};

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    watch that the TCHAR (which is a typedef of char) is probably null terminated. That is will need an extra element to hold the end character (\0). ie you are allocating too much into the array.

    also try sprintf() to fill the array
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    You need an equals (=), don't put a semi-colon inside the {}, and you need 11 chars to hold "ABCDEFGHIJ".


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