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    Combo Box help...

    I have made a project that has combo boxes on a dialog and i use SendDlgItemMessage() to insert the text i need etc..

    the strings insert fine, if i scroll using the cursors each item is there , but no matter what i do i cannot get the Drop down list to work... if i click the drop down arrow a small line of about 1 pixel size drops , but thats it.

    if someone could please download this simple test i put together to see what im doing and tell me whats wrong id be greatful...

    click the window and a dialog will appear with the combos.. but if you click the drop down , the list wont appear

    C Rulz!

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    I guess from the files that it's an VC project ;-)

    In the resource editor, click on the combobox.
    Now click on the down arrow part of it. Adjust
    the lower bound of your combobox. It will show
    a seperate frame which shows the size of the
    dropdown part.

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    thank you thank you thank you...
    at last... ive looked at thousands of goddam tutorials and none of them explained that you have to size the bloody thing...
    C Rulz!

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