Thread: wrong size ellipse

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    wrong size ellipse

    nothing to see here, moved to c++ forum
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    Your passing the whole client area (client rect) to the DrawNextFrame() section then creating an elipse that size.

    Try creating the elipse a smaller size ie multiply the width/height of the rect by a set amount eg 0.10 for 1 bal 10% the size of teh client area.

    PS If you create a GDI object (brushes in this case) then you MUST delete them.

    You can not delete them while selected into a DC. (some can be deleted while selected int a DC ie regions but best bet is to follow this rule and not get into trouble)

    //create GDI memory
    hbrFill = CreateSolidBrush(0);// null == 0 == BLACK
    //select in
    //select out
    //clean up GDI memory

    pen = CreatePen(50,50,RGB(25,0,255));

    why do you not use the hash defined values as per the help ?


    in case MS decides to change the number in winGDI.h

    50 is WIDE for a brush, to draw a line I use 1-6 or so.

    and for ease
    #define BLUE RGB(0,0,255)
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