Thread: Horizontal Scroll Bars with CListBox

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    Horizontal Scroll Bars with CListBox

    Hello, I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0, and am trying to make the horizontal scroll bars work the want I want them to for a CListBox. Here's a sample of what my code currently does:

    CListBox *listBox;
    listBox = (CListBox*)GetDlgItem(IDC_MY_LIST_BOX);
    int n;
    for (n = 0; n < 10; n++)
      listBox->AddString(text[n]);  // assume text is a char array
    When I do it this way, the horizontal scroll bar is just set to a number of pixels in width, and may scroll way too far, or not far enough. I want to it to set the horizontal scroll bar to be the width of the longest string I add to the list box. How do I determine the length in pixels of each string?

    If I don't use SetHorizontalExtent, then it won't display horizontal scroll bars for my list box, even when text scrolls off the screen to the right. If I force it to display all the scroll bars, the horizontal scroll bar just doesn't become active, even though text is still scrolling off to the right. Any ideas?
    -Grunt (Malek)

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    Get the CDC of the list box and call CDC::GetOutputTextExtent().


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