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    Editable ListView

    I'm doing a list view (more specifically a report view). I've added several columns to it using LVM_INSERTCOLUMN. I'm also able to add items to it using LVM_INSERTITEM and use LVM_SETITEMTEXT to change each item's column values.

    Using the state flag LVS_EDITLABELS you make the first column (the item name) editable and the rest not. however, I want the opposite: Noneditable first column and the rest of the columns editable. By editable I mean that the user can click in the field and enter a new value (string).

    How can this be done?

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    If you're using MFC, its not too hard. Here's how.

    If your're using straight up Win32, that article should still give you an idea how to do it.


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    Try this
    or this

    Oh, nm. codeplug beat me to the draw. ; )

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