Thread: Controlling windows not created by the C++ program

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    Question Controlling windows not created by the C++ program

    I know it is possible to control windows not opened by the C++ program. I've used a third party program (Macromedia Director) that was able to open, close, minimize, resize, and re-locate any window on the system via C++

    Now I need to whittle away the third party program and go straight C (C++).

    Does anyone know how to get the Window's ID numbers and the commands to controll them.

    I haven't programmed in C for YEARS. I'm a little rusty.

    Any and all help will be appreciated.

    (Also, we're trying to pull info from the serial port. If anyone knows code for that, it would be great to know too.)

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    Serial Communications in Win32

    System message hook sample code

    For someone who doesn't know Win32 programming, you've picked some hard topics to start learning with.


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    Yah, I know

    As is usual, I didn't choose them, someone chose them for me.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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