Thread: where do u get ur inspiration for ur appilcation?

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    Lightbulb where do u get ur inspiration for ur appilcation?

    hi all,

    where do u get ur inspiration for ur appilcation?
    coz i never kno what to make ...
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    My manager inspires me with a paycheck

    Othere than that, I'm usually writting small utilities to help me do routine tasks faster.


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    Likewise. I develop software to my customers requirements.

    When I don't have a customer, I think of some silly maintenance or backup thing I should be doing, and develop a solution for me, (and one I might be able to sell), ideally one that pushes my envelope, i.e. learn something.
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    Where did you get UR inspiration for UR name?

    I usually sit in front of the tube and watch Seinfeld reruns until I get an idea. What can I say? It's a gift.

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    Well, I'm usually inspired by the software that I use.

    Eg. WinRAR, UltraEdit, Winamp and many Microsoft products.

    I always try to write software that I can benefit from.

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    I try to program the coolest thing I can program with the skills that I don't have, but feel I can learn...basically, I take something that I can create part of, but nowhere near the whole, and then figure out how to do the rest.

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