Thread: Disabling OLE drag/drop for CRichEditView

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    Unhappy Disabling icon drag/drop into a CRichEditView

    I'm writing an MDI prog and have tried tirelessly to catch or remove the "on drop" message of my CRichEditView's. I've implemented drag/drop to allow the user to open files that way, but it will only work when the drop target is outside of a view (in the frame)... Of course, when the target is within a view, the icon of the source is inserted..

    I have tried to catch the WM_DROPFILES, but it appears this message is never sent during the operation in question..

    Do you know how to catch the message sent when an external icon is dragged/dropped into a CRichEditView window?
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    You need to set the event mask for the RichEdit control to specify which notification mesages the control sends to its parent window.

    Look into CRichEditCtrl::SetEventMask and the available event mask flags. Returning 0 from the EN_DROPFILES notification should do the trick.


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    Thanks for the tip codeplug. I attempted to look up the ENM_* flags from the MSVC online documentation, with no luck.
    However, I am having difficulty applying what I've learned... The MSDN library says that a rich edit control's EN_DROPFILES message is sent in the form of a WM_NOTIFY message when it receives WM_DROPFILES.

    Here's what I'm trying:
    I added ENM_DROPFILES to my rich edit view's event mask. Then I called DragAcceptFiles(TRUE) in OnInitialUpdate() (I've tried it that way or as GetRichEditCtrl.DragAcceptFiles(TRUE).
    I've message mapped ON_WM_DROPFILES(). The handler is
    void OnDropFiles(HDROP hDropInfo);

    Any further ideas?

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    I figured it out. I added
    to my message map. Now I am catching the drop files message, but returning zero doesn't halt the insert of the icon! <: (

    I don't know if I'll ever figure it out. At least I'm on the right path (somewhat).

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