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    the fruits of my labors!!!

    here is the fruit of all my hard work over the past 15 hours!!

    i have created my own "Wrap" file creator, which, when run, takes all of the files in the current folder (no sub-folders in the current version) and places them in a user-specified .wrap file

    when you run the wrap.exe program, it gives you a basic runthrough on how the program works, and some instructions, and it then calculates all of the programs in the current folder (not counting the exe itself and the wrap file you are making)

    you then merely have to specify the folder you would like each file to unwrap TO when you do unwrap the file

    the point of this program is simple: in that it allows virtually anyone to wrap up a file, and then unwrap them from their own exe.

    I came up with the idea for this wrapper yesterday at school, and started programming it at about 8PM. I fell asleep at about 2 because i couldn't figure out why it wasn't working on my 98 computer. I then woke up at 10 this morning, realized what the problem was, and now at 12:00PM on Sunday, March 30, 2003, I am finished my wrap program, AND my installer!

    oh, and for anyone wanting to use the wrap program in their program, the sytax is merely this:

    system("wrap.exe <wrap file> <path to install to>");

    where an example would be:

    system("wrap.exe test.wrap C:\unwraphere");

    that will unwrap test.wrap to folder C:\unwraphere and it automatically creates the folders and subfolders, also.

    when you are wrapping files, they MUST start with a \ and end with a \ like so:

    and when unwrapping files, you MUST pass 3 commands to the exe, or nothing will happen, and the 3rd parameter must be like so:


    you must NOT place a \ at the end

    the reason being is this: when you unwrap the files, it appends each file's unwrap folder to the destination folder, so let's say a wrap file consisted of this:

    File1.exe     unwrapping to \EXE\
    test.ico       unwrapping to \ICO\
    Blah.txt      unwrapping to \
    and then you called the wrap program like this:

    system("wrap.exe test.wrap C:\unwraphere");

    then it would unwrap everything like so:

    File1.exe     unwrapping to C:\unwraphere\EXE\
    test.ico       unwrapping to C:\unwraphere\ICO\
    Blah.txt      unwrapping to C:\unwraphere\
    it merely appends the two unwrap positions together, making it easy to unwrap virtually ANYWHERE on a computer's hard drive

    let's see, now, the installer included with this rar is my own installer that i made, and is the reason why i MADE the wrapper in the first place

    the wrap that comes with this rar is my wrap for my OpenScript program.

    when you run the install program, it will ask you the drive you would like to install to, then it will ask you the directory to install to. It then checks to make sure that this everything is correct, and then it does a nifty little feature of searching through the wrap file, finding OpenScript.exe, extracting its path, and creating registry files for it so that it knows where the exe will be, before it's even been extracted yet.

    it then creates the necessary registry stuff, and then it runs the unwrapper and unwraps everything to the specified folder.

    after this is all done, you should be able to go to that folder and check out all of the stuff that it unwrapper. The *.ost files, when double clicked, should run through the interpreter.

    also, the *.ost files are meant to be edited with a text editor, like notepad (it should have set this up when it installed, through the registry).

    Please tell me what you think, I was very excited when i finally got this done, and maybe in future releases i will add encryption and compression, also

    just post here with your feedback, and I will be gladly accepting it all, because I want this program to be very user-friendly, and if you (the users) don't like it...then that kinda defeated the purpose, lol

    -thanks in advance!!

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    and the second part of the rar

    please just rename both of these files to .rar

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