Thread: 32bit -> 16bit color problems

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    32bit -> 16bit color problems

    Hello everyone!

    I've made a small 3dapp without using OpenGL or DX, just GDI for displaying my buffer on a bitmap wich is copied to the screen.

    I'd like to make it compatible with 16bit displays as well as 32 bit ones. Is there anyway I can perform the bitdepth reduction without creating a different sized buffer for 16 bit displays. (I know this isn't the best way to handle it but it would save me a lot of work)

    This is the code I use for copying my buffer to a windows bitmap:

    And after that I use this to display it on the screen

    BitBlt(hdc, 0, 0, ciWindowWidth, ciWindowHeight, hdcMem, 0, 0, SRCCOPY)
    Any help would be appreciated

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    If you are using a 32bit bitmap then Windows will handle the color reduction for you.

    Read the BitBlt() documentation.

    If the color formats of the source and destination device contexts do not match, the BitBlt function converts the source color format to match the destination format.

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    Strange, I tried that before I posted because it seemed logical. I'll try to make a DIBbitmap instead and se if that helps things.

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