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    Free Resource Editor???

    I am new to C programming (used mainly Win32Asm) and I chose the free Borland C++ 5.5 for my compiler. But the problem is that how in the hell can I create Dialog resources for my application. I don't want to manually create the resource script file. There should be a free resource editor (creator) available somewhere, but this is the question - where?

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    This 'prehistoric' thing, once suggested by Fordy ( got to blame someone ), works fine:

    It's really ugly ( ) but once you overcome that it is still usable. You may have to tweak the generated resource script for compatibility. I used it once or twice and then quietly forgot about it.

    But it's free and that's what you asked for.

    There's also lcc-win32's resource editor, more information about which can be found here:

    The resource editor used to be a standalone but i'm not so sure that it is now; it may require use of the ide or at least one other dll. Ah! Just checked it: the resource editor is called 'WEDITRES.EXE' and requires 'WRESDLL.DLL'.

    Hope that's of some use to you.

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    Gotta love lcc-win32. I use everything in it, except for the compiler itself.

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