Thread: list of HWND's not working

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    list of HWND's not working

    Well, I'm using Borland C++ Builder, and I don't think that would have much to do with my problem. At the moment, my program works fine on my computer, but not on a friend's. He get's Abnormal Program Termination whenever he hits a button that runs this function:

    //These are global variables:
    HWND hWnd[256];
    HWND hCur;
    AnsiString asHcur;
    int iHwnd = 0;
    void RefreshHWND()
            iHwnd = 0;
            HWND hFirst, hNext, hTemp;
            hFirst = GetForegroundWindow();
            AnsiString asWinfo;
            char szWintit[256];
            GetWindowText(hFirst, szWintit, GetWindowTextLength(hFirst) + 1);
            asWinfo.sprintf("%08X - %s", hFirst, szWintit);
            frmMain->lstProcs->AddItem(asWinfo, NULL);
            hTemp = hFirst;
            hWnd[iHwnd] = hFirst;
            while ((hNext = GetNextWindow(hTemp, GW_HWNDNEXT)) != NULL)
                    GetWindowText(hNext, szWintit, GetWindowTextLength(hNext) + 1);
                    asWinfo.sprintf("%08X - %s", hNext, szWintit);
                    frmMain->lstProcs->AddItem(asWinfo, NULL);
                    hTemp = hNext;
                    hWnd[iHwnd] = hNext;
    Is there something wrong with my code that uses too much memory?
    (the edit I did was to add in spacing for easier reading)
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    Re: list of HWND's not working

    Originally posted by neandrake
    void RefreshHWND()
            iHwnd = 0;
            HWND hFirst, hNext, hTemp;
    For improved readability make sure you've put all your declarations before your code. You wouldn't make global declarations between functions, would you?

    As for your problem, you might wanna get a debugger to hand and check the values for szWintit, etc.

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    The third parameter for GetWindowText is the size, in characters, of the buffer (in this case, for szWintit, 256), not the actual length of the window text, because it may well be that the window's text length is greater than the size of the buffer.

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