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    Borland and Windows

    This question has been pressing me for some time. I have searched for hours without finding a thing . Now I ask you:
    Who has a tutorial on Windows application development using the Borland C++ Builder compiler version 5.5? I see in the Includes folder that is does have many windows header files, including windows.h . Can anyone give me a true explanation or tutorial on how to do this, as I am not skilled enough to read Header files. Thank you for all help !!!!
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    I think the popular winprog tutorials may cater for the command line tools.

    For the best 'get started' guide go here (again bcc5.5 command line tools):

    And for concrete win32 examples (very simple!):

    [shameful plug] [/shameful plug]

    (which needs to be updated. Badly )

    If it's Borland 'Builder' you are using with vcl etc, I think Davros of these very boards will probably be able to offer better advice.

    The faq's at this site might help but don't quote me on that:

    Note that even if you are using Borland Builder v5/6 that the command line tools (5.5) are at the heart of them so information about use of these command line tools may still prove useful.

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    Im pretty sure you can use any Microsoft C++ tutorials since using Borland and the previous are very similar. You just have to make sure if using DirectX, to download the Borland Include files that usually don't come with directX. I thought I would tell you this becasue that is one of the problems I had when I first started to use Borland and DirectX.
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