Thread: Windows windows?

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    Windows windows?

    Just wondering......what is the code needed to run a Windows application in its own window (IE no command prompt)? And will this code anyone gives me work with the Digital Mars and Borland compilers? Thanks all!

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    There have been numerous examples of simple windows posted on this board and a simple search should locate many for you.

    If by borland you mean bcc5.5 command line tools then yes, win32 API programs will compile just fine with it. With Digital Mars, you will be able to compile very simple win32 api programs with it but the few windows libs available with that compiler are quite old. You can download the latest platform software development kit (psdk) from microsoft and convert the libs to the older omf libraries required by Digital Mars; the psdk headers can be used 'as is'. Digital Mars uses the same syntax as msvc for compiling/linking so you shouldn't have too many problems there.

    Simplest solution is to use bcc5.5 command line tools as it involves a lot less hassle.

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    K, thx.
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    This is about as simple a Windoes program as you can make. Compile it see what it does, and look up the routines in the help/MSDN.
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