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    A just saw a program and the window was transparent. You could see your desktop through it, it was pretty cool. You could also adjust the transparency.
    How can I do this. (win32 api, no MFC)

    The program also said that it was for win2k or better. When I implement this function in my program is it possible to run the program on 98 or millennium, if I first test which OS is on it and use en if statement to bypass this function.


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    This link might help.

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    yes, this is what I was looking for.

    thanks Zen

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    They talk about SetLayeredWindowAttributes(),WS_EX_LAYERED,...
    My compiler (VC++6),doesn't know them (error:WS_EX_LAYERED' : undeclared identifier)

    are there libraries and heatherfiles that I don't have?
    Does anyone ever used these functions or styles?
    can't find any info on msdn or google about which files to include


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    You'll need this before you include windows.h -

    #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0500

    You may also need an update of the platform SDK from MS.

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    I've done that and it still doesn't work.

    I also doawloaded service pack 5 for vc++ and that doesn't help either.(maybe stupid question but:are service packs the same as an sdk update)

    got any other ideas?

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    ok this can help you
    #ifndef WS_EX_LAYERED 
    #define WS_EX_LAYERED           0x00080000 
    #define LWA_COLORKEY			0x00000001
    #define LWA_ALPHA               0x00000002 
    #endif // ndef WS_EX_LAYERED 
    typedef BOOL (WINAPI *lpfnSetLayeredWindowAttributes)(HWND hwnd, COLORREF crKey, BYTE bAlpha, DWORD dwFlags);
    and also
    	lpfnSetLayeredWindowAttributes pSetLayeredWindowAttributes; 
    	HMODULE hUser32 = GetModuleHandle(_T("USER32.DLL")); 
    	pSetLayeredWindowAttributes = (lpfnSetLayeredWindowAttributes)GetProcAddress(hUser32, "SetLayeredWindowAttributes");

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    yes,yes,yes. It works finaly. thanks a lot Zen and damyan

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