Thread: Command to open the 'Open Dialog Box' found in most programs.

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    Question Command to open the 'Open Dialog Box' found in most programs.

    Can someone please post a sample C++ snippet from VC++ 6 that will make one of those dialog boxes popup so I can have the user just point to the file they want to open and hit ok to store the location and open the file?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well, I think this is a more specific windows programming question, so, you'll find more answers in the windows programming board.

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    They're referred to as 'common dialog boxes'.

    Search this board for GetOpenFileName. You might also want to look at GetSaveFileName.

    Don't forget to read up on those functions on msdn (examples there too):


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    Are you using MFC? If not, look here. If you are, search MSDN for CFileDialog.
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    First of all, I am using MFC, secondly, sorry for putting this here instead of the windows board, and third, the msdn isn't helping...

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